Rapala Fishing

Saltwater Fishing with Poppers.
The big family about the Poppers lures is one of the most effective in saltwater fishing. We can see in the book, many models in the market for poppers. The design, color, navegation, finish and the webs and links.

Methods of Cast and Retrieve.
 The poppers lures move away from the classic action of waggle and vibration produced in the fishes or lures with bib. It is a real alternative to incite the predators to attack the popper.
   We can see in the book all the popping techniques.

Video extreme popper fishing in Papua

GT Popping in New Caledonia

Species to Catch
Best places in the ¨Seven Seas¨. From shoreline or from boat. All the fishing techniques and tricks to fish more.
Pompano (Permit)  

    Leerfish  and Bluefish                                                               


       Seabass and Suzuki (Japanese Seabass)
                                                                 Other species
On the whole african coast, the use of poppers by the western fishermen from boats results extraordinarily effective and abundant in catches. They are big poppers like Williamson Jet Poppers of approximately 12 or 15 cm. They obtain surface species in Africa such as big GT, Rusty Jogfish, Snappers, Bluefins and other rare species.

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