How to become an expert in paella

          In this book you will find among other chapters:
          Brief History of Paella.
          Election of tools.
          Type of fire:  Gas, Firewood or BBQ
          ► Vegetables like small beans, big beans or flat        
              green beans.
          The best types of rice.
          The secret of cooking and the resting.
           60 RECIPES: Seafood paellas, meat paellas, vegetable paellas,  seafood                    noodles fideua o backed rice.  
             All chapters are profusely illustrated with pictures.
                                   YOU CAN BUY THE BOOK IN:                       Paperback Full color £15.79 Paperback Full color 18.70 €  Paperback Full color 18.70 €  Paperback Full color 18.70 €

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