Physical Contacts: The Hands.
Further to the physical contact in which we described, To sit by your side, She rubs you the body walking and She adjust you the clothes and the hair, in this time we are going to talk about the hands.The hands, together with the mouth and the eyes, represent the elements that project our thoughts and feelings. If we have a continue reading

She adjust you the clothes and the hair.
Physical contact while in an upright position. It’s not very common. Opportunities are scarce. The brush covers the whole body. We don’t need to be on alert because the bodily contact itself will alert us.
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She rubs you the body walking. 
 I was studying at arts and painting school. We sat down on stools without back and we used tall and sloping tables. There we had our tools to draw and paint. The corridor was spacious and two or three people could use it at the same time. All of us moved from one side to the other to ask something or to speak with a classmate.

  Physical contacts with a girl.
   Physical contact is an essential human behavior that allows people to  
   break the ice and to get close. In our case, if a physical contact is 
   produced, except rare exceptions, we will be quite sure that the woman  
   we are interested on wants our affection and wants to have sex.
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 The Workmate. The Shoes and heels. 
This section deals with the women´s strategies to attract men´s attention. More than to call them expressions we are going to call them situations. Women´s aim is conscious and premeditated and they want to get two different things..
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Expressions towards man she likes. Part II.  
...Day after day, exactly at the same hour, I went to have a coffee with my workmate to the vending machine, just under the stairs that lead to the administration office´s floor. We were talking and, by a miracle, we did not spread the coffee; a woman´s silhouette.....
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Sexual Expressions and Strategies towards the Man She Likes. Part I
This position, in the same way than the first one, is very common and recurrent. It is used by one hundred per cent of women. They raise their arms to touch their heads or to fix their hair or maybe to put their hair up in a ponytail. 
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She wants to go out with you.  
In this kind of situations, the sexual signals will be more marked and insistent, at least, at the beginning. Now it is not a simple attraction or wish; she already knows our personality....
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The eternal wish of man to discover when a woman likes him. Part II
The gestures or signals that women transmit are very diverse; they depend on the feelings and wishes the women are subjected to and on different circumstances of time, place and moment. Each of these gestures will express a different message that we are going to deal with. It is not the same to feel sexual desire in certain occasion than to be under the influence of the stormy love.
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The eternal wish of man to discover when a woman likes him. Part I.   
Remembering the adolescence; period in which the precocious contact with people of the opposite sex starts forming the first friend´s groups with informal reunions outdoors, face to face 
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Woman Sexual and Affective Psychology  
The great affective capacity of women transforms their experiences throughout their life, intensifying happy and sad moments. As if their soul were all on edge. Their sexuality and emotions are conditioned, in some sense, by their hormonal physiology. The beginning of the adolescent period with its menstrual periods....
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