53 International Competition Paellas Sueca

 Since the year 1960 comes celebrating in the Valencian locality of Sueca, near of the nature reserve of the Albufera.  Every month of September we can enjoy the most important contest on the Valencian Paella.  

Paellas in Catarroja

...and the place was very nice. Catarroja is near to Albufera Lagoon. Has a small port, where you can take a boat and enjoy nature.
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Quail Eggs Toast

Chop the onion and piquillo peppers. Pour all together with the chopped tomato in a pan. Salt and fry. Once mixed
with fried cod.

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Paella Pans

Currently, due to the diversity of products in factories and technological advances, the  paella finishes, are sold to consumers in multiple ways and qualities, some of them almost ¨surprising ¨.

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Paellas with Firewood. Among all methods of cooking paella, the rices carried out to the fire and with the better firewood, fundamentally, orange tree and  vine, resulting in unsurpassable flavor and aroma. Continue reading.

Tripe of Veal Home with Chickpeas.
Veal Tripe or Beef Tripe (Callos) in spanish, is very traditional tapa or dish in Spain. You can mix with ham or chorizo or chistorra chorizo. Also you can added cooked chickpeas.
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Cuttlefish on the Griddle.
You can buy fresh or frozen Cuttlefish. The fresh in better with more tasty flavor but  is very dirty to clean and more expensive. For this reason I prefer frozen and clean Cuttlefish.
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Tomato, Garlic, Paprika and Ñora in Paella.
 Four key ingredients in any Paellas. With them we get an excellent broth to enhance the aromas and flavors.
 The paprika is a spice to consider about  the three types of paella: meat, seafood or fish and vegetables. From how to cook, the amounts and types we will talk in our book. Continue reading.

Galician Octopus.
Every year is celebrated in many Spanish cities, the Galician seafood festival, for promote its seafood products. Among them, you can taste: spider-crab, sea crab, prawns, sea crayfish,  oysters, velvet crabs, mussels,langostino and of course octopus. Continue reading.

Onion Tuna with Green Peppers.
The best is Red Tuna fresh steak, but now is very  rare and endangered; we can substitute any type of small tunas such as the Albacore Tuna,  Skipjack Tuna, Little Tunny or even good Mackerel.
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Night Paella Party.
Every year in August is celebrated the Night of the Paellas in the Valencian village of El Puig. Near  6.000 people  meet to celebrate the festival of the paellas. Free rice, free fire wood, free olive oil and of course, free beer.  All is organized by the City Hall.
Very, very funny fiesta. Everybody together, cooking paellas, talking,laughing, tasting tapas, eating amazin bonfire paellas 
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Anchovies in Salt.
    This time I going to show you, how can we prepare a very tasty Seafood Tapa. Is very typical and popular in Spain. We can buy the Salted Anchovies prepared and ready to eat or uncleaned. The best flavours coming from the uncleaned anchovies. We can buy the both alternatives, 
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Rice Paella: History and Varieties.
The rice together with the bread and its derivatives constitutes one of the main food of the world. It is possible to say that its consumption is present in all the countries, even it is spreading over the whole Africa. Its importance as food base to eliminate hunger is enormous. Thousands of million persons eat it to  Continue reading.. 

Spanish Sauce: Salmorejo.
This sauce comes from Andalusia, Cordoba city. You can use as a simple sauce and eating with bread toast or added with a good backed rabbit or even can be eaten as a cold soup.
In this article we have cooked as a Tapa with egg and ham.
Is very simple to cooking and delicious!.
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Vegetables in Paella II.
Period vegetable, from October until May. Cynara Scolymus. Its name in Latin comes from the Greek goddess Cynara risen up to the Olympus of the hand of the god Zeus that saw her stretched and beauti in the island Kynaros. Prompt Cynara got tired of being the second one, the lover
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Batter Calamari. 
As we have seen in other post like: Spanish Omelette Potatoes, Vegetables Omelette, Ajoceite (Sauce of garlic and oil)Chorizo earthenware with piquillo peppers and Poor Potatoes Earthenware, now we are going to talk about one of the most delicious and popular Spanish Tapas..
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Vegetables in Paella I.
Three are the essential vegetables ingredients in any valencian paella; first thin is the string beans called tavella, the second flat and big string beans called locally garrofón and third flat green beans with sheath called ferradura
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Backed Spanish Rice. 
As we have seen in another paella dishes, this plate is similar but cooked in a earthenware. This clay pot brings a unique flavors. For the broth. Water and vegetables like, carrots, leek, turnip, chirivia, ham bone..
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The Fire for Paella.
 Paella and fire, fire and paella. Two inseparable components. Fire, primary terrestrial element, powerful, magnetic and dominating energy. In our case it will be an essential ingredient, be a natural fire or artificial fire, well to gas or electrically. 
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Cooking Shellfish Fideua. 
Short Nuddles with Shellfish.
 In reality is a Paella substituting the rice by noodles. Then   this recipe is called in Spain ¨Fideuá¨. Very, very tasty¡.
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Poor Potatoes Earthenware.
 Salting the potatos and to add to the oil of the garlic. Firstly, fry with high heat so that the potatoes are gilded up to toasting and later on slow fire; turning softly to prevent from breaking. If necessary we will cover the potatoes with a lid.
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The tools. Cooking Paella
The plate took the name of the tool with which Paella was cooked . Other very clear examples are a Pan or Stew. Nobody needs to know in the village if in the lunch time there is pan or pot,what the dish....
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The Aroma: Saffron, snails or rosemary. Valencian Paella
 Once the broth spilled and measured its quantity in the paella, comes the shift of the saffron. The rose of the saffron or the flower of the Crocus Sativus Linnaeus. It is a plant.....
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Meat food Paellas.
  Is a pleasure to show an extraordinary paella with rabbit, mushrooms and truffles. One of the most delicious and aromatic rice in the world. Try the recipe you´ll  love it!. You can read other paella recipes in my book. Greetings to all.
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Cooking Shellfish Paella
To achieve a good broth, we buy the best fish of the sea. There has to be among the ingredients of rock fish and some seafood, like crabs and galleys. It will be advisable to fry with extra virgin olive oil earlier this fish flour. Achieve greater consistency of soup. The rest will be vegetables, tomato, onion and garlic.
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Chorizo earthenware with piquillo peppers
 Cutting the chorizo and fry with virgin olive oil, at the same time that the laminated garlic on a clay earthenware.
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Vegetable Omellete.
 In a pan put some oil and let heat through. Pour the entire mixture and cook slowly about 10 minutes without allowing it to burn the egg. Cover the pan with a large flat dish. Press firmly with your hand and turn the pan. Cook the other side. Remove and let stand 15  minutes.
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Sauce garlic or ajoaceite.
...Add a small crumb of bread and an egg yolk. It is important that all ingredients are at the same temperature, ie, garlic, oil, bread crumbs and egg yolk, otherwise be cut.
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Spanish Omelette Potatoes
One of the most delicious spanish dishes in the cuisine. The secret for cooking the tortilla is fry the onion until toast it, that is to say, that acquires a golden dark color. The second key is to fry the potatoes that must be between cooked....
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